New Year, New BI - Key Metrics for 2018!

As the new year of 2018 is only a few days away, I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year from here in the USA!

Looking forward into 2018, I’m interested to know what some of the major metrics, types of dashboards, or other information people will be using to drive company performance and growth! What key initiatives do you already have in place, or are looking to implement using your BI data through Phocas?

For my business, I recently created three major dashboards: Branch Manager, Outside Sales, Customer Scorecard. Both the Branch Manager and Outside Sales dashboards have a link at the bottom to the Customer Scorecard. We are giving certain people access to this information through external links.

Branch Manager:
Focus: Writer statistics, branch performance
Frequency to be checked: Weekly, Monthly
Some key metrics: Branch Sales YTD variance, Writer sales YTD variance, Bid Conversion Rate, Avg. Sales/Invoice, Avg. Lines/Invoice (last 4 in YTD and Last Month, no variance)

Outside Sales:
Focus: Sales rep performance, customer statistics and trends
Frequency to be checked: As needed (daily), when visiting customers
Some key metrics: Rep Sales YTD variance, Customer sales YTD variance, Top Price Line purchases, general customer info

Customer Scorecard:
Focus: Customer sales statistics and trends, other customer-related info
Frequency to be checked: Daily, as needed
Some key metrics: Customer sales YTD variance, customer type, bid conversion rate, avg. sales/invoice, avg. lines/invoice, Price Line purchases, top DECREASING price lines YOY, ship vias used, Product Sales variance

The goal is to get these employees trained on how to use Phocas, and to get them acclimated to what information they should be looking for. I hope this post helped some people. Looking forward to everybody’s feedback!


@tim.janes - great start to the new year! Great setup, this covers so many metrics that each of those roles need visibility into.

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