Beginners 'Quiz'

Hi all!

I’ve been charged with providing an Introduction to Phocas for our new users and I’d like to give them a quiz after a week of using the system to make sure they’ve got the basics right.

Just wondering if anyone’s in a similar position, or if anyone’s got some ideas of key questions or activities that as experienced users you think it would be a good idea to check.

Cheers all

We have done something similar. It will depend on your group of users.
When we have done sales reps, we have them look for their top 5 products in both sales increase and decrease. Same with customers.
Basically give them certain things they need to navigate / drill down to. Might even have them change the time period they are looking at.
BTW, these thoughts are more around using a dashboard, not so much building queries.

Thanks - interesting way to go.