Introduction to PUG

I am Glenda and I have been using Phocas for about 4 years. I am a sales analyst and use Phocas daily and have come to rely very heavily on it for my job.


Hello! I am Tom Falter, Customer Success Lead - US. While I am new at Phocas, I am not new to the product. I come to the team with 15+ years of experience in Distribution and many years as a Phocas user and admin. I always enjoyed coming up with new ways to use the system, and sharing knowledge with my users to help them learn from the data. Now I get to help you do the same!

Feel free to @ me @tom.falter in a comment on the forum with any questions - Welcome, and enjoy the PUG!


Hello all! I’m Tim Janes. I work in operations with a distributor in New Jersey (USA). I do a lot of reporting and analysis in my role, so having Phocas has been very exciting. My company is new to the software. I have to say that we are very impressed so far, and we are excited to start using Phocas heavily for queries and dashboards! Having used other BI tools prior, I have already realized a lot of positive differences and tools within this software, including the power to pull actionable, understandable data quickly.

If you’re interested in a read about how to make your data actionable, here’s an article I put together:
Actionable Data Article

I’m looking forward to working with everyone!


Welcome @grs1 Glenda!

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Welcome to Phocas @tim.janes, glad to hear your excitement in using the product!


Hi all! I’m Erin Cullen, Customer Success Team Member and Account Manager in North America. I’ve been with Phocas for a couple years now, and look forward to interacting with you in the Phocas User Group!


Welcome to the PUG Forum! My name is Elizabeth LaBarbera - I have been a Phocas employee for over 4 years and head up our Customer Experience team. I’ll be checking in daily to help make sure all our clients are getting the very most out of Phocas! I’m looking forward to getting an opportunity to know our user community better through this forum.


Hi Everyone :smiley:
I am one of our technical consultants on the Implementation team in the U.S. and have been with Phocas for over 4 years. So happy to see this forum launched and our users already logging in to check out the beginnings of what is going to be total awesomeness! Can’t wait to see what everyone has to share here and look forward to learning more about how you are all using Phocas. Hi @tim.janes, great article, thank you for sharing!


Hi, I’m Will Ferguson, customer experience manager for Phocas Australia. I bring my experience working with data in a variety of sectors including distribution, manufacturing, government and retail. I’ve enjoyed roles as diverse as service desk technician, programmer analyst to IT manager. I have also owned and operated my own small businesses including a cafe and manufacturing operation.

Phocas is the most amazing company. It values its people and its customers with a genuine passion. I started with Phocas in 2016 and have quickly discovered that I am not the cleverest guy in the room. I do however have their home phone number…

but enough about me … let’s talk about you!



I’m Bo Anderson. I’m a Business Intelligence Analyst with USESI we’re the parent company for several Electrical Supplies Distributors on the East Coast and one in Los Angeles. I just started with the company in late September, but prior to that I was working with a Midwest based Electrical Supplies Distributor that also used Phocas. So I’ve been using Phocas since 2014 I believe.


Welcome Bo - your ideas and insight will be appreciated!

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Hi all,

I am Goran Prodanović from SiM Impex d.o.o., Bosnia & Herzegovina, head of IT department. We have been using Phocas for 2 and a half years and everybody here loves it.


Welcome @progor Goran! What do you like most?

Hi everyone! I am Jess and lead the Customer Success team here for the UK. I look forward to lots of our customers adding interesting ideas, thoughts and questions. We have been waiting for an online forum for a long time so this is all very exciting! Feel free to @ me with anything I can help with directly.

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Welcome @jessica.brown! Yes, very exciting. I look forward to learning new things from all over the globe!

Hi, my name is Ed, I work at Bricos in Mexico ( We started using Phocas this year and we are still learning how to make the most out of it. This forum looks great and we are very excited to share ideas and best practices.


Hi @edberner! Welcome to the PUG! Looking forward to hearing how you use Phocas.

Hi all, I just realised I was yet to introduce myself! I’m Lee and I work as a Services Consultant within the UK. I’ve been with Phocas for just over 2 years now and am loving it. Previously I worked in the technical department for a large UK and then worldwide Facilities Management company. I did everything from becoming an inadvertent SQL DBA, writing Crystal Reports and SSRS, to managing and deploying an entire mobile workforce solution. I was also responsible for the administration of the CAFM system, as well as designing an in house iOS app for engineers to update the live CAFM system directly.

I love the job at Phocas as it allows me to get involved in some quite technical issues but about a product we are all passionate about. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me!


Hello everyone, I am Todd Allison the Solutions Manager with Johnstone Supply Jacksonville Florida. We have been using Phocas for a couple of years. We use the Phocas for reporting but also find it useful resolve bad data in the ERP. We are an Epicor Eclipse customer and having the ability to extract data to a useable form makes Phocas a powerful tool.


Hi All,

I work at Steiner Electric. We’ve been using Phocas for a couple years now and I really enjoy it. Phocas has allowed us to scale our data and make better decisions based on performance metrics in dashboard reporting, and ad hoc analyses. It has truly changed the way the work of the business gets done. I am looking forward to hearing from other users about their Phocas experience.

Best Regard,