Lost Customer Report


We use several formulas to build a monthly company scorecard. One of them is a lost customer alert.

Make the thresholds whatever you like but ours is customers that spend north of $10K in R12 but less than $100 the past two months. This is a quick way to start conversations with our TM’s. Did the contractor go to a competitor, going out of business, cut off for credit etc…

We measure this every month with the goal of minimizing customers that qualify on the Lost 10K alert.


Excellent example - thanks for sharing @bgregory


One way we did it was to add a Measure counting the customers using the Last Transaction Date. This one was hard to digest. but it shows you the facts very quickly. The count shows you what period the customer stopped buying.


This is great @tallison - thanks for sharing!


This is awesome. We also used it this to identify new spend. For example, you could run a report on customers with sales <10K over a rolling 12 months and >5K in the last 3 months…