Count On No activity

Hi All,
Does anyone know how to perform a count on customers with no orders?

I can get the “No Activity” list, but I want to be able to count the number of customers on a monthly basis for trending.

I suspect this will require another feed in where I perform the counts, but prior to doing this, has anyone got any good ways of doing this?

Here is an example of what I am after:


Hello - I would recommend using Advanced Search to filter out customer with no sales in the current period, that also had sales in a previous period.

Thanks @john.sefton,

This had already been done. I am after a physical number on the grid not total number of rows.
It looks like either we export to excel (based on your suggestion) to produce a chart or construct something in Phocas to get a physical value as per my screenshot I am trying to generate.

So based on the number of replies I think I need to construct a SQL script and add it to the database somehow.
I will update the post with the workaround when tested.

Do you have a measure for COUNT? This gives the number of records for a specified selection.


I maybe missing something here, but if there are no records since “no activity” is selected, what would I be counting? The report is based on the absence of data. My current thinking is to create a flag on the customer to state of they have/haven’t made an order that year. Not pretty but should work.