Products purchased by less than X customers

We want to identify products are being purchased by a small number of customers (eg. that only 3 customers have bought in the past 3 months or that 3 customers make 80% of the sales).

Any ideas on how we could do a report like the one I’m describing?


Hi @edberner ,
With the new Count feature, the first example you are looking for should be fairly simple. If you’re on the Product dimension with Total Mode turned on, you can go to Measures → Count (w/ arrow) → Customer. Then just make sure your Period is set to “past 3 months”. That should show you the count of customers that have purchased each SKU over the past 3 months. Then just using sorting.

I think you can right-click in that Count column and add a “greater than” or “less than” qualifier, but it seems like good old Advanced Search is grayed out when using a Count dimension. Good luck!

Thanks Tim, I hadn’t heard of the Count option. The only problem is that you can’t filter at all (exclude a customer or limit by the count column). Hopefully that will be addressed in a future version.