Trouble displaying Property (Epicor)

Hello all. I am a rank amateur who knows SQL, but am not up to speed with Phocas. I updated a script to select the properties and measures I need (Attached Admin Data Base). When I go to data base view, the measures are available, but the property (Service Part Desc) does not appear. I probably need a better understanding of how this product really works and how the data comes together. My former boss was a super whiz at this product and did dozens of training seminars, but it was all just to dazzle users. I could never get him to slow down and really explain how the product works.

Hi @KellyS ,

I too am working within the “Epicor” EDA front end. What you are describing is not to do with Epicor, its base functionality.

What you have done is applied the property on the transaction level (fact data) NOT on the dimension.
Heres my example:

You will see the properties you have done if you right click on any value within a query:

What you will need to do is in the designer is click on the dimension and then add a sync feed that is linked to it. For example here is the sales database where I need to add dimension properties to it:

Sorry for crude diagram, basically:

  1. Click on the dimension
  2. Apply a sync feed with the unique information. I.e. if its customer data you need to have a sync feed which is 1 row per customer with the details you require NOT the fact data.
  3. Drag and drop that up into the properties of that dimension.

Details of this can be found here:

Good luck



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Hello Jon. That is a great help! Great explanation and diagrams! Thank you so much!

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No problem and welcome to the wonderful world of Phocas, I too found the Epicor training fast, furious…and no help! Had to get coffee and play with the platform, its a very good system that Phocas have created and you’ll find quite a few people that will help you on this site. EDA = Phocas so please go to tips and tricks section as there is a wealth of info.

Kind Regards,