Descriptions on dimensions (metadata)


A good idea came in from our sales team today. One of the elements that can confuse new users is not having the ability to provide a description against the dimension when performing a query. For example we could have a grey dimension box called “Channel”, to the uninitiated this could be confusing, what would be great is if in the DB designer we could add a description which would appear as a tooltip when hovering over the dimension as a mock up I can see it working like this:
What do you think?


Great idea!
The same goes for other elements like properties and measures.
Most often the elements title/name is enough, but there are certainly scenarios where a shorter/longer description would be useful. There should never be any doubt what a Dimension, Property og Measure shows.

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Thanks @JonKemp and @hakio for this suggestion. We are currently looking at concepts here - although no priorities have been assigned yet.

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Thanks @Tim.Leonard

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile: