Not all users are available to share a dashboard with

Hi, as a relative newcomer to Phocas there are some elements that seem extremely confusing. I have a number of dashboards some of which I can share with all licensed users and others where I can only share with a small number of users …any ideas? Thank you in anticipation.

Do the users have access to the database the dashboards use? If the users do not have access to the database, then you cannot share the dashboard with them. For favorites, this is pretty straight froward, since the favorite is only tied to one database. Dashboards are a bit different. If the dashboard references multiple database, then the list of available users to share with is a combination of the databases. For instance, if I create a dashboard that uses my “commissions” DB, then I can only share that dashboard with users that have permissions to the commissions DB. If I then add another widget that references the “sales” DB, then I can now share the dashboard with users who can access either the sales or the commissions databases. (However each individual widget will only show data if they can see the relevant DB.)

So, the takeaway is, check the users’s permissions on the databases the dashboard is using.

Thank you Aaron, that resolved things!