Sharing a Favorite across multiple cubes

Hi, we have a Phocas environment with well over 30+ cubes set up across multiple members and suppliers. The cubes as I understand are structured almost identical - they just restrict data to a single member as each member values the privacy of their own data. My question is: Is there a way to create a Favorite and share it across multiple cubes?

For example: If the favorite was created and saved in Cube A and then shared with users of Cube B, Cube C, Cube D, etc…we would like Cube B users to see data from Cube B, Cube C users to see data from Cube C, Cube D users to see data from Cube D, etc…

I note when a Dashboard is cloned, the widgets within it can be edited to point to a different cube from the original. Is there a way this can be done for Favorites without having to design the same report in each individual cube? We would like to share more with our Members by way of custom built reports - in a way that does not see us replicating the task 20+ times for each instance.

Hi @Sensor,

Speak to your account manager, there is a concept of “Solutions”, this allows you to migrate dashboards wholesale to other databases. Possibly same can be done with favorites. We don’t have access to it on our platform, but they recently ported two dashboards to look at a different DB pretty quickly. Make sure prior to doing it the defined periods are present in each DB otherwise it has a hissy fit.

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Hi @sensor,
It might also be worth making one database, and restricting the data individual users can see within the Admin / Database / Users / then the Padlock icon next to the Default Period selector.
In there you can restrict the user to only see data you want them to see.

We use this method on our main General Ledger database, which has all of the cost centers and expense codes within it. We then restrict a user to their own cost center or their few cost centers. This way I didnt have to clone the database many many times over, and I had to publish only one favourite, whithin which all the users can only the cost centers they are responsible for. And of course, some higher level managers, we don’t bother restricting anything so they can review teh whole companys accounts.

I’m not saying you would want to re-do anything, but I found it a very elegant way of solving our issue. :smiley:

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I agree when all dimensions etc are the same.

I’m not sure how well Phocas can filter out the products etc to not be visible in the dimensions. You could end up with quite a list of items etc that have no value against them and the build time could be huge.

Ok on a GL where the codes are likely to be the same across all entities but Customers / Products could hugely increase the dataset.

Allways make the correct selection of horse, when beginning trials on a new race-track! :wink:

(I normally prefer cat analagies but I do NOT condone skinning cats. :smiley: )

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Thanking you for the suggestion Jon - I will put it to our Account Manager at Phocas.