Favorite Specific Data Restrictions

I’ve received many requests of managers wanting to create a report (Favorite) and add multiple subscriptions for their team, however they want each recipient to receive only the data relevant to them (based on a data field). We know that this can be achieved by restricting user access at the database or profile level, however as a company, we have various business reasons for users to access all data. The only current solution that works for us is to create a favorite & subscription for each user which filters their specific data.

I would happily welcome feedback if anyone uses a solution/workaround for managing mass reporting and subscriptions, otherwise consider this simply a Product Suggestion :smiley:

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Have a similar scenario as we have one company in our group with 14 branches and historically people have created 14 branch specific versions of a favourite.

Am considering when the time comes to overhaul the database and reports whether it might be simpler to have 2 identical databases, one with user restrictions on the branch dimension and one without, and build the favourites over the restricted view where appropriate.

It does mean dual maintenance of the databases but if the design is fairly static then it might save time and effort on favourites/subscriptions.

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I should add that if the issue applies to more than one database then it is likely more trouble than it’s worth.