Security based on Profile + Subscription based on Folders

Phocas has become and continues to grow to be our business data, analysis and intelligence tool and we have several hundreds of users. It has become daunting to give a set of people a certain new measure or dimension, security, and subscribing them to favorites. It takes time and then often some errors.

We would like to see two functionalities:

  1. Within Profile Section, add the Databases and ability to define measures, streams and dimensions. Anyone with the specific profile will automatically have that profile and individuals rights can supersede the Profile security.
  2. Sharing Folders to Favorites is a great functionality. However subscribing each individual (Sometimes 100+ users) to subscriptions (push reporting) is often convoluted.

What are your thoughts?



I completely agree. We have quite a few users as well and any change has been difficult to manage from an admin perspective. Better functionality is needed around user admin and security. For instance, since going to the cloud, we cannot identify which users have access to specific databases and measures at any scale.

I echo both of your proposals.


Agree 100%, especially on your #2 comment, managing subscriptions is a daunting task. Functionality to either subscribe a Folder, or a Bulk update for subscriptions on the User menu would be fantastic.