Restrict Database for Use in Queries

There have been many cases where I need to build a certain database to get the data format needed for presentation in a dashboard. For a user to be able to see this data they have to have permission to access this database.
The issue I have is if those users have the ability to run their own queries, they can now run queries on this new database that has been created for a specific need.
My suggestion is for a way to allow access to a database for viewing, but restrict access for queries.
I suppose the “gotcha” in this would be if a user has the option to analyze a widget from from a database that has been restricted for queries…

Hi @rscott ,

If you create a dashboard. You can set the widget to “Run as” a different user. If you set this value to a user that can access the underlying DB, this will allow all users with the permission of the dashboard to see the results, but they will not be able to analyse the widget or open the DB. Then you can take all the permissions off the users that you dont want access.

Hope this helps.