Alerts - Database Restrictions

EDIT: Original issue resolved (thanks @aaron.roma) . However…

If you have placed a DB restriction on a a user, if there are no results due to the restriction, it would be great if the alert was hidden from view. I.e. if the user does not have access to the data, why show the alert as its not specific to them?

Also, there are times when the opposite is true. I.e. you want to display a global KPI for all to see (I.e. Sales Percentage growth for entire business), but they dont have access due to restrictions.

This suggestion should also be considered for favourites as I have had the need in the past to show a “global” favourite which I cannot do, as the “run as” option is missing which we use in dashboards.

So the suggestion is:

  1. Hide alerts if the user has no means of seeing the data. In the design of the alert “Hide if no records”
  2. Have the “Run As” option the same as in widgets, this will allow you to override the DB security if it is for a global KPI that you want them to see, but not analyse.



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@JonKemp I just did a quick test, and my alerts seem to be honoring the database restrictions.

See below, first screenshot is from a user with no restrictions. Second is from a user restricted to one territory. These are the same two alerts, but the restricted user is seeing much different (lower) values for his territory.

Capture1 Capture2

Hi @aaron.roma,

You are quite correct! it took a few hours for the home screen to change, but it did! So thanks for this test. I will say that it would be good to have alerts not to appear if they are data restricted. I.e. if the alert is looking at something that the user has no rights to see, then hide it.

Thanks for the assist. I will change the topic detail accordingly.



Hi @JonKemp, @aaron.roma, run as is limited to dashboards because the query can’t be changed (other than selections) of the data. The query screen is made for users to get in and analyse the data. There is no plan to make this change.

I have logged a suggestion to “hide alert if zero”. I can understand that users would get frustrated with seeing alerts which don’t provide value to them. While we plan to make this change there is no timeframe.