Lock Dashboard Layout option for users who have Manage Dashboards selected in Permissions

Issue; if a user has Manage Dashboards selected in permissions and the user wishes to use the dashboard as it is, they are in great danger of accidently restructuring the order and layout of the dashboard, especially if they are using a touch sensitive screen or tablet, as the Widget ‘move’ and ‘resize’ controls are always available.

Suggestion; Can an additional control be added to the User Profile page that would allow a user with ‘Manage Dashboard’ permission to be able to turn this off (and back on) when it is required.

An additional option (but not so critical) would be to have a waring message when the user has enabled this option.


Yeah my boss keeps moving widgets on my dashboards by accident when he accesses them from his iPad. Would be a great little tweak!

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Thanks for your suggestion @david.mciver. With the recent improvement which allows the editing of dashboards on mobile devices, this could now be a common problem. I’ve logged it in our system as a potential future improvement.

A current workaround would be to view the embed version of the dashboard (by clicking the </> icon). It displays an un-editable view of the dashboard.

Thanks Will, I have checked out your suggestion and it works perfectly but this still relies on the user remembering to switch to the embedded mode before swiping and messing up the dashboard.

Is it possible to make the default view to be ‘embedded’. This would get around the issue very simply as there would be no need for the additional permissions that I was suggesting. Users with the ‘Manage Dashboard’ permissions set could simply click full view to change to editable mode.

@david.mciver it’s currently not possible to make embedded the default view. I think having separate view and edit modes is the way to go.

Is it true that dashboards can be edited by other users, where normal grid reports can’t? Why would this be the case? Surely the creator of a dashboard is the unique owner. People could edit for their own use and Save As, but not save?

No this isn’t the case. Anyone with the ‘manage favourites’ profile can edit a favourite (grid report) that’s been shared with them, and anyone with the ‘manage dashboards’ profile can edit a dashboard that’s been shared with them. Even if they weren’t the original creator.

They could also choose to save as, or to clone.

Thanks for clarifying Tim, I guess the permission should be granted cautiously to only those users who really need it.

You would hope those users were conciencious enough to be mindful of what they’re doing and not mess a report up.

This topic was raised in September 2018 and is still a major issue. I completely agree with Stuart’s view that you should not be able to change someone else’s dashboard. Clone yes but change the original no. But with the current situation if you want to give people the ability to create their own reports…they can also change yours (if shared)
@ Tim, are there any plans to address this?

@david.mciver. There are two separate permissions for both favorites and dashboards. There is the “save” permission which allows a user to create and save their own reports/favorites or dashboards. Then there is the “manage” permission, which allows a user to change one that has been shared to them. A user can be granted the save option without the manage option.

We have the manage ability quite restricted. We still get bit by this occasionally. One of the few users who has this ability has accidentally changed one of our company wide dashboards on occasion. I do like the idea of defaulting to a “view” mode, and having to manually enter an “edit” mode to make changes.

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Thanks @aaron.roma for clarifying. I hope that answers your question @david.mciver? Untick the ‘manage dashboards’ or manage favourites’ for those users you don’t want to edit other people’s dashboards. They’ll still be able to create their own dashboards, and view dashboards others have shared with them.

Hi Tim

I would still like to test this next week to be sure it does what we want it to do. If so it will be good step forward for us in flexibility.

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Apologies for late response, but yes as suggested unticking the Manage Dashboards does the trick.
Thank you