Enhanced Matrix reporting

I am sure it has been broached before this point. It would be ideal that the Matrix option could have subtotals on the rows. At the moment we can easily segregate the data on the columns but we cannot currently group the data by rows with a matrix. An example of this would be as follows:

I appreciate we are not trying to create pivot tables inside Phocas, but to group on row I believe is important. The Nest functionality does the row, but then you loose the matrix ability. This would be extremely beneficial.


Thanks for the suggestion Jon. The grid nesting feature is relatively new, and there is a possibility of enhancements to it in the long term road map. A matrix/grid nesting combo is certainly something we could consider.

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@JonKemp You’ll be pleased to know that this particular request has made it onto our product road map, and will be released shortly. Thanks again for your suggestion.

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Hi @Tim.Leonard,

Excellent, very much looking forward to this enhancement.

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