Subtotal and Stack Rank


Is it possible to subtotal based upon a dimension within Phocas. See the scan of a printed excel sheet with the bracketed/highlighted rows, but the goal would be to total data for a single dimension (ie. branch) and then subtotal that data by a second dimension (area manager) and have the subtotals appear within the phocas favorite.24%20AM


@JDogg016 - maybe something a little like this?

This is our new Grid Nesting feature in 7.3.x - a great new way to work the data.


Brilliant! But now I have to re-arrange all my budgets and how my data flows to get EXACTLY what I want. But when I do :slight_smile:


Any way to resize the columns when creating reports? Not just on this new view, but on all reports.


The columns should “fit” the window you have the browser open in, so it works across all devices seamlessly, however, since the latest update I have noticed some columns are not resizing correctly and leaving scroll bars where none were before. If anyone would like to see an example of this I have several, Phocas support tell me they have their dev team looking into it.


I would much rather they autofit rather than fill the screen. I don’t like seeing a bunch of empty space in a column, that’s unnecessary, IMO…


Could do with an option to retain subtotals of each dimension within the nesting feature.

It’s great but once expanded you lose sight of the value of that section.