Move/Rearrange Columns

Hi All - New phocas user here. Is it possible to move property columns from left to right or vice versa? I’d like to create a dashboard in Phocas instead of having to export the data to an excel file to manipulate.

Hi @pdezio !

Property columns can only be reordered on the Database Design side of things, from what I know, which would make those changes apply to all users & reports using that database. You can’t drag/drop properties on Transaction Mode or on a Dimension within a database. You can, however, reorder the Measure columns if you go into Custom Mode (Mode->Custom). Hope this helps!


Hi @pdezio ,

I have raised this direct with the developers previously. Also I have two other feature requests related, please have a look and “like/love” them to get this more attention with the Phocas dev team.

Two elements I have are:

Widgets on dashboard: Remove unnecessary columns for report: Widget display enhancements
Multiple sorting of columns: Multiple Sorting on widgets and database

Its an challenging issue as it promotes users to export to Excel rather than staying inside Phocas.



My thoughts exactly. I recently joined a new company who uses phocas and from a reporting standpoint, the lack of customization on dashboards and reports seems lightyears behind other software’s like power BI. Hoping they can make some of these changes soon.

@pdezio ,

Welcome to the community!

My background is over 25 years in the industry and pretty much developed on all the Gartner “magic quadrant” BI reporting solutions over that time. Been using Phocas for over 3 years.

Whilst I agree that the dashboards are somewhat behind the curve of other BI solutions are. On balance I think Phocas is one of the best reporting platforms out there. I am a big evangelist and show other clients its ability. The amount of verbal “wow” moments with my clients is far higher than anything in QlikView and Power BI. No system is perfect, however Phocas does employ a passionate development team and the solutions they are providing for the wider business from P&L’s, CRM, Rebates & Budgeting/Forecasting is tremendous. I.e. try doing a P&L & Balance Sheet in QlikView/Power BI :wink: Sometimes their focus is not on what you are after but they do listen and deliver in some cases very quickly.

No system is a magic bullet, but with creative workarounds you can deliver a lot in the product. If you have a specific requirement that you believe the whole user base can benefit from then please put a post in “Product Suggestions”. A lot of my suggestions have materialised over the years, such as KPI indicator changes, export from dashboard, P&L improvements, Count functionality and rebate enhancements. I have a good working relationship with the dev teams and thoroughly enjoy our conversations, it is a creative powerhouse.

So please keep posting as I am sure there are ways to get what you are after…just not in the same way as you would approach from Power BI.