Gauge chart Variance compared to Bullet Chart


Had a call today with a user which illustrated an issue when comparing gauge charts to bullet charts.

Both are using an underlying Variance mode to present the numbers, however the bullet chart labels are not consistent with gauge. Here is an example:

Gauge chart:
Bullet Chart:

The first thing to stress is the underlying data is accurate, where there is slight confusion is the presentation of the values. The gauge chart is 82.5% higher than previous, the bullet chart is :

However, if viewing the results in the grid they are being shown differently to the bullet chart:

So the issue is down to the presentation of the variance. This is causing confusion on some presentations to senior management as why is one chart at 82.5% but the other chart is 157%.

I can see both points of view on this, but is there the possibility of the bullet chart having an option to show the labels as per grid rather than inflating the label values.