KPI Chart Broken

Our KPI Charts have been broken for a few months now. Is there any news on when they will display correctly again? It happens for all users on all platforms.


The only way I can get it to display half correct is if I edit the widget then save, but after refreshing, it’s broken again.

Hi Jordon,

This is a known issue with Chrome at current, the work around is using a different browser for the time being.

I was hoping one of the recent two patches with Phocas would have resolved this issue but it wasn’t to be.



Thanks @ShaneAngel.
Is there an estimated time this issue will be fixed?
This chart type is used a lot on our Main Sales Dashboard and will also be used for new dashboard for new departments being added soon. It isn’t really viable for us to get all our users to set up and use a different browser just to view a Phocas Dashboard Widget

Morning mate,

No nothing from Phocas as to an ETA yet, there is another thread which is not getting a lot of attention anymore, I posted on it after the last patch release and that was the last post. Given the current situation with the world, I am unsure this will be fixed in the short term. :confounded: