Page Unresponsive - Dashboard Limitations?

Has anyone dealt with a dashboard pulling too much data which then leads to a “Page Unresponsive” message? We use Google Chrome.

I recently built a dashboard and I as I added my final widget, the dashboard started to get clunky and eventually I received Page Unresponsive message. I then clicked Wait and then a few seconds later I received another message and had to click Reload.

Any thoughts on what hinders performance of a dashboard? Could it be related to the number of widgets, nesting, etc…

Kind of a bummer because I built a great dashboard for my user but it breaks and cannot be used.

A large number of widgets on a single dashboard could cause this. However, its more to do with what the widgets are doing. Do you have transaction mode widgets? Does your period ranges expand a long time? i.e. do you have a widget that shows the last 50 months (50 columns of data)?

What is your database configuration set to? Is it column store? If you don’t know/never heard of this, then you wont be on Column store, so ignore.

Try to “minimise on open” on the heavy duty widgets, this stops them from rendering on the dashboard until the user expands them. My biggest problem was looking at Maps, lots of cities being rendered on the dashboard widget. I opted to minimise on open and the dashboard started working again…although it was slower to open.

What does the error logs say? Is there explicitly a timeout? Is a specific widget causing the degradation?

Finally have you tried opening the dashboard in the new user experience homepage? This utilises the new framework that Phocas are implementing and does speed up dashboard opening times.

If all else fails try to split the dashboard up into 2 or more dashboards, this was the only workaround I could apply in these sticky situations.

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@JonKemp thanks for the reply. It looks like my problem may be due to every widget in my dashboard using “Nesting”. Once I broke my problem widget into multiple “smaller” widgets, my dashboard started to run much smoother. Thanks.

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