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Sorry if posted before, couldn’t see a topic. A suggestion I would like to put forward is to allow the dashboard designer to place an overriding filter for a dashboard which is using the common dimensions.

Note this is not security, rather we want to reduce the dashboard down to a specific area of the dashboard and all widgets want to be pre-filtered with this criteria.

Although currently we could either add these as criteria at the top of the dashboard, it is a manual process for the user to do. Alternatively we have to place the filter on each widget. It would be beneficial if we could have a place on the dashboard design override all the widgets from one location to apply the filters you need.

Real life example.

In financial statements from time to time we get instruction from finance to adjust the criteria of a specific hierarchy to include/exclude certain Financial departments. This means we have to update numerous dashboards and there associated widgets. By having a master criteria on the dashboard we could get it to be already pre-filtered without the several widget adjustments.

The functionality already exists in Phocas when you create a shortcut link to another dashboard in the designer (placing a Parameter on the URL), it would be great if we had this option on the dashboard design as well, would save a lot of dev time.

How it could work
Perhaps an options button available to the dashboard owner/administrator.

Clicking on the gear cog would then show this dialog:
Since the dashboard will know the databases being displayed, the drop down would show the dimensions/measures associated.

If the user wants to remove the filter, they can do so by clicking on the “X” as normal, but the dashboard would be by default in the critiera we want to display.

Please let me know what you think.

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Hi @JonKemp
A great idea indeed!

I have often wondered if we can manipulate the URL to a favourite / dashboard / database more than we can already.
What I have found is we Can give the Url simple searches like this example:

And we can even implement multiple searches at the same time by adding more parameters like this:

On a Dashboard or Favourite or Database, the above works well. Just like the Link Through to another dashboard, yet I feel the URL way is more flexible with its’ multiple parameter possibilities.

Sadly, so far I haven’t found a way of using this method selecting multiple items for one Entity.
I was hoping for something for something like this:
But, although it shows it might work, it doesn’t seem to work properly.
Maybe the syntax is just elusive, and someone else knows how to select multiple?
Answers on a postcard to Saturday Morning Multi-coloured-Swap-Shop!
(Oh My Gosh I am showing my age lol)

One caviat seems to be the Dimention has to be one-word - without spaces in it.
So Product Class wouldn’t work, but ProductClass would work.

A Master Criteria or Advanced search based upon multiple databases on a Dashboard would be very cool though, even if it had to be on a One-Cog-per-Widget basis. It could be very useful yes indeed.

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Hi @richj,

Actually you can put dimension values in with spaced words. This uses standard HTML language replace the spaces with “%20” :wink:

Here is an example:




Brill, thanks @JonKemp :smile:




You can specify multiple key values using the pipe separator;


If the target dimension has a space in the name, like ‘Product Group’, you have to web-encode the space (%20);



Ah haaaa! the pipe symbol!! Thank you @jason.law! I am very grateful.

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This is a useful conversation. Is there a help article outlining the URL syntax and how to use it?


I would also find a help article on the url’s very useful! I never thought to manipulate it like that.

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