Feedback wanted -

Hi everyone - the design and marketing teams here at Phocas are experimenting with making data more legible, accessible and better looking. We’re keen for your feedback. Click this link to browse three snippets of the software. Drag the slider left (and right) to compare.

Which did you prefer, and why?

  • Slider to the left
  • Slider to the right
  • I didn’t notice any difference

Thank you!

Left - has a softer feel

thanks @rscott ! Appreciate your input

@Tim.Leonard , without question, I prefer ‘Slider to the Right’. The typeface is easier to read. It’s rounder and much less aggressive than the angular option ‘b’. It has better contrast. It’s slightly more vertically condensed than option ‘b’ (more will fit on the page).

I wouldn’t mind the ‘Slider to the Left’ typeface on just the widgets but, I’m not sure that view would be worth the climb. Final Answer = :arrow_right: Slider to the Right :raised_hands:t4:

Awesome - thanks @dan.klob - great to hear your thoughts.

I prefer the left overall. Having multiple monitors, the view on the left is more clear with my monitor that has a lower resolution.

Fantastic - thanks @Djewell - this is valuable feedback.

To the Left - prefer the font!

great @DB2 . Thank you!

I vote left!

Slider to the right, it’s is easier to read.

Hi @Tim.Leonard ,
The left, I am concerned about fidelity of text on mobile devices. Simulating this in dev tools in Chrome shows the right text fuzzy rather than clearer on the left. I appreciate the right looks more modern but for the sake of visual clarity across multiple form factors, I alas vote left.



Thanks @sensor, @JonKemp and @jmills

@JonKemp ‘left’ is a Google font, which hopefully means it should render with appropriate fidelity on mobile devices. The fuzziness might just be the prototype - which is slightly simulated and not 100% perfect. Thanks for your feedback!