How can we improve our community?


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we now have an online forum to connect everyone in the Phocas community

To build the community we need the help our phenomenal Phocas users to get things moving.

You see, when you respond to a query or share an idea it’s a big deal. It says this community is important, it’s interesting, and it’s on the radar. Even the slightest support from a seasoned specialist or a question from a Phocas beginner goes a long way. So please try and take time because the value in just being visible is huge.

Welcome and respond to new users as they arrive. Listen to their feedback. Encourage others to do the same, and soon there will be a core of regulars that form the nucleus of the Phocas User Group(PUG)

Maybe even a few gurus will soon become moderators.

Imagine a restaurant with a bustling and supportive staff, where the owner periodically checks in from table-to-table to make sure everyone is having a great time. In this scenario, Phocas users are the hosts we need you to build rapport and connections in the PUG.

That’s the kind of place that, over time, people come back to…
And that’s what a community is all about.



I know ideally all support queries would be fed through the support desk but for non-critical queries some of us techies like to get feedback on our issues from other users.

Looking at the list of sections there isn’t a section for a “Help me, help you”

I have an issue and it’s one I’d love to post in a section like this as I’m sure others will have come up against it before.



Just to follow up on this, I contacted support and didn’t really get a resolution, I then posted in one of the categories and got a resolution quite quickly. Turns out there was a fix scheduled that the support guy didn’t know about.

I think there is a vast array of expertise out there and a place to share it would be very useful.