How to navigate to the expression which makes up a calculated Measure

I am troubleshooting an existing Data Base and am looking for the expression which makes up a calculated field. It appears to be an aggregate (Count). Also searched Help under “Calculated fields” with no luck. I should also add that when I click on the icon to the left of trash in the Count measure, it just shows the name “Count” with no formula. However, the property shown above it (Schedule Attainment) shows a real formula.

Calculated Measures


COUNT is the expression. For my database, I wanted to calculate # of line items on each order and all I had to do is put COUNT in the Expression field of a calculated measure.
This comes standard with Phocas so there is no formula associated with COUNT (at least no user created formula) if that makes sense

Mine is the same way.

Excellent! Thank you for your response!