HTTPS Link for External Sharing as MS Teams tab

We’re looking to add some KPI dashboards to MS Teams as tabs in channels. When generating a Link For External Sharing in a dashboard the prefix is http ( i.e. but MS Teams wants https (i.e. https://…

Any Ways of sorting this?

Interested in the outcome of this one, are these tabs in the core application or in created teams within the teams application? If you know what I mean. :smile:

OK, so I just tested this, and created a tab using an external link we already have and just added an “s” at the end of the “http” and clicked save and it worked. Not sure if that will always work though, it did in my one example. :wink:

Hi Shane
Thanks for this.
Workflow we did to get this working.

  1. Get the External Link (http)
  2. Open Incognito window in Chrome (not sure if this would work for other private modes for other browsers)
  3. Paste the link. It seems Chrome converts this to https
  4. Copy the chrome link
  5. In MS Teams Channel add a new Tab and choose Website. Paste in the URL copied from the Incognito Window

First couple of times we tried it by appending the s to http it didn’t work. Maybe we did something like not copy full link etc.
Thanks for your input