Icons Next to Data?


When in Tennessee, a user created a dashboard during a presentation that showed top salespeople and the person with the highest sales had an icon with ‘Fire’ next to it?

How was this done?


I’m glad someone liked this… but how is it done?


Hi Jdogg016,

Could you provide some more information about this? Was it on a chart? Against a list on names? Or like the below?


From my recollection the dashboard had a single name representing the top sales person (the dashboard and data reloaded every 15 minutes so the data could change throughout the day).

Next to the invidual’s name, there was a fire icon/emoji much like the fire icon in your above attached screen shot.

I just thought it was cool and I remember the presenter (the same person who demo’d the Alexa App) saying he did it so other users could see that the individual was “on fire”


The person who demonstrates the Alexa app is actually a Phocas customer and does their own customisation to suit their business needs.

So without seeing what was presented the best I can do is take a stab in the dark, please see below:


You stabbed correctly! How’d you do it and is it variable meaning does the icon appear if a condition is met?


It is variable in the sense that it is always going to take your ‘top 1’ dimension (in this case I chose Sales Rep - but it could be Customer, Product etc). But the fire icon is always going to be there.

The ‘Top Rep’ widget was made going to ‘Total mode’ ordering from highest to lowest and putting a filter on the widget to show the Top 1 result.

For the ‘Sales Value’ widget I did the same as above, then switched to chart mode > KPI chart > select Summary widget > Changed the summary type to sum > added a space and fire emoji (copied and pasted from my browser) in the suffix section. See below: