Invite others to PUG

In a recent web mtg I saw someone who works for Phocas send an invitation from the PUG site to join PUG. She said that all users also have that feature available to them, but I cannot find it. Can someone advise how to invite someone to the PUG?

Hi @Steve_Shuman - if you click on your avatar in the top right corner, and then choose your name - you should be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Once there you can use the +Send an Invite link on the right hand side to invite others.

I do not see an “Invites”

Steve Shuman
Nelson Electric Supply

Steve - please log out / in and see if you can invite then. Thanks.

Got it. Thanks for fixing.

Steve Shuman
Nelson Electric Supply

Hi Tom,

Sorry to jump in an old thread, but just wanted to ask the same question about the ‘Invites’ link. Mine doesn’t appear to be available either. All other links are visible in my profile. Would be good to invite a few others from my company to join in.

Are you able to help with this please?


Hey @scopar - I have updated your user, please give it a try now.

Perfect - thanks Tom.

Awesome for Tom Falter to oblige the user requests here.
I think the base system intention was to give that access after a little while when the “Member Badge” has been earned. It can be fun to try and get those badges, or a nuisance. Thanks for the help Tom.

Shameful attempt on my part to earn another badge for myself…

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I agree @TimHanna - but I also enjoy helping anyone who wants to promote PUG usage. The more the merrier - for badges too! You are closing in on my badge count!

Will you please add the invites tab to my account?
Thank you!
Amber Brown