KPI Arrows rather than smileys

One thing I think would be a great addition to Phocas is KPI’s with arrows. Currently we have:

  • Smileys
  • Traffic lights

Outr business works alot with trending data and arrows are pretty important, these are much clearer and more professional than smiley faces.
Here is what I propose:

Would this be possible in a future release?




Great suggestion!

Hi Jon

One way to do this would be to use emoji’s as a prefix or suffix.

I use which allows you to copy and paste the emoji.

Admittedly these wont be dynamic and change if a target value has been hit but helps visualising if the value is good or bad.

I hope this helps.

Hi @stewart.wood

Yeah, thanks. I saw this solution on another forum post. Good to know you can place icons in Phocas.
Unfortunately, these need to be dynamic. I am not sure what value adding a static emoji would be for KPIs.

Thanks again Jon for another great suggestion! Actually we’re currently investigating a few options around conditional formatting, which include arrows very similar to the ones you’ve suggested. Nothing is confirmed yet, or on the road map, but we’re on the right track…


Thanks to & @Tim.Leonard,

With the new release 8.0.2 we now have KPI arrows and Emojis. This is excellent! This post can be treated as solved



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Really pleased that we were able to take another one of your suggestions and implement it in the product @JonKemp! It is a small but worthwhile improvement :+1: :tada: :champagne: