Link back to Phocas Main Screen

Simply suggestion here but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get back to the Phocas Home page once in CRM. I’m normally in the habit of clicking the Phocas logo in the top left but that changes to CRM.

Would it be possible to add a Reporting Home option in the hamburger menu?



Hi @StuartH, I agree, we will add this functionality in an upcoming release.


HI @nicolas.servouse,

Just to jump on this, can the same be done with Rebates as well please?


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Which release will this be in? There has been 2 releases since this response and still no change? This seems petty, but it is another excuse for our people to not want to use the CRM because it is not “user friendly”.

I agree, its been set as “solved” with no solution present at this stage. It would be advantageous to know of a release prior to resolving the product suggestion.

Agree, I trusted that this would be done but dissapointingly it seems recent development has been not up to it’s normal proactive nature.