Phocas CRM - are you using it the best way?

Are you finding adding notes into CRM quite clunky and time consuming?

Are you finding you are going in and out of different interfaces in Phocas to get the information you need for sales and CRM?

If this is the case, you may not be utilizing the software the best way to get the most out of it.
The beauty of having Sales data and CRM in Phocas is that you can combine all of that data together in one interface using dashboards and together with the use of shortcut links into CRM you will find the process much more streamlined and save huge amounts of time in logging those interactions into CRM and getting quick access to the data you need.

Please take a look at my 15 minute webinar to demonstrate the best way to utilise the Phocas CRM module >

If you don’t currently have the CRM shortcut links in your sales database, please let us know or get in touch with your Account Manager and we’ll happily help set those up for you.

We welcome and questions and feedback you may have!