Multiple Selections in Custom Mode

Is it possible to use custom mode with multiple selections (sort of like how you can have multiple filters in the advanced search?)

I’d like to add a selection for vendor and also for pay type, but I can only seem to do one at a time.

Hi @mnelson ,

As far as I am aware, you cannot. There are two possible options you could explore:

  1. Is it possible to use a filter to restrict the result set prior to custom mode? Chances are you cannot. So in that case…
  2. Can you add a flag in your fact data (DB designer) to perform this operation? I have a situation where I needed two elements like yourself. I opted to perform a IF/CASE statement in the sync feed to provide a “1” or “0” at the transaction level. This then allowed me to simply filter on that flag which got around the above issue. Example:

CASE WHEN VENDOR = 'x' AND CustomerType = 'y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

By adding the above to the sync file allowed me to simply filter on a property/dimension to achieve the same result.