Only Sorting Returns

Hello all,

I’m newer to Phocas and am wondering what users have done to sort only returns of an item. We’re using Epicor EDA (Phocas) and the sales DB can sort negative quantities but I’m trying to filter and capture only the negative quantities within the buy lines I selected.

What is the best way to filter this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Steven_S ,

Depending what your ultimate use case is, I have a couple suggestions:

  1. Use Advanced Search (magnifying glass) in the Sales DB to filter out positive quantities. This would be on the aggregate level, though - not on the transaction line level.

  2. If you are looking to only include transaction lines of negative value (returns), and you have access to Database Designer, you can create your own custom Dimension to filter with. For example, on my Sales DB, I set up the following Transform column (using the green “+” sign in Designer and selecting If-Then):

Then, I mapped that new column over to a new Dimension called “Returns/Sales”. With that, on the front end of the Sales DB, I can go to that Dimension, select “Returns”, and hit Focus, which filters me down to only transaction lines that have negative Quantity (returns).


Hope this helps!