Product % breakup

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I am sure there is a very easy answer to this query of mine. I have the following products that I would like to know their percentage breakup with in the brand themselves.

Do I use Market mode, and if so how, or is there another way I should be doing this. Basically I want to know, of the total sales of the products, what percentage of each makes the total of the combined.

I hope this makes sense.

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Hi @Robert.Howard

If you change your ‘Format’ button from ‘Actual’ to ‘% Share’ you will see the figures in terms of percentages rather than values.

Thanks Stewart, that has helped immensely.

Can I further ask, do you know if this can be done through “Custom”? The reason I ask is this. I would really prefer to have the “% Share” in the Total Column only or a single column within Custom, with the opportunity to put Sales Values & Quantities in other columns.

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Looks like % Share is a formating option for the whole report - I agree though it should be an attribute against the column - I’d potentially want to see a column showing the value and next to it a column showing the percentage share.

I guess the theory is that this is a dynamic report so if you wanted value you’d switch back, but in the real world people want to export a static report and put it into Powerpoint or print it out without having to manipulate it in Excel.

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Did anyone find a resolution to having % share and $ next to each other in the same report? I have this exact requirement…

I don’t believe there has been any Phocas development, I think they’re currently maxed out on a huge list of exciting new things.

My only thought from recent work with Phocas is whether there is an option for your contact to get another measure or something to use in a calculation?

It’ll be tricky to do as Phocas relies on mapping the dimensions and I’d question whether the cost of developing as a bespoke option is a bit costly.

The alternative though is to have two reports in a dashboard, one showing the values and one showing percentage share. Not as clean as being in the same grid might just save having to drop to Excel.

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Your suggested alternative is my workaround, too. Was just hoping there would be a “prettier” way of doing it… oh well for now - it is functional.

Just curious - where do you see the list of “exciting new things”? Would love to have an idea what’s coming!

Ha ha - we all like shiny new things!

Generally it’s just a mix of feedback from developers on here, some things noted at the PUG and a couple of comments from the contacts we deal with for our system at Phocas.