Product % breakup


Hi All,

I am sure there is a very easy answer to this query of mine. I have the following products that I would like to know their percentage breakup with in the brand themselves.

Do I use Market mode, and if so how, or is there another way I should be doing this. Basically I want to know, of the total sales of the products, what percentage of each makes the total of the combined.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Robert.Howard

If you change your ‘Format’ button from ‘Actual’ to ‘% Share’ you will see the figures in terms of percentages rather than values.


Thanks Stewart, that has helped immensely.

Can I further ask, do you know if this can be done through “Custom”? The reason I ask is this. I would really prefer to have the “% Share” in the Total Column only or a single column within Custom, with the opportunity to put Sales Values & Quantities in other columns.


Looks like % Share is a formating option for the whole report - I agree though it should be an attribute against the column - I’d potentially want to see a column showing the value and next to it a column showing the percentage share.

I guess the theory is that this is a dynamic report so if you wanted value you’d switch back, but in the real world people want to export a static report and put it into Powerpoint or print it out without having to manipulate it in Excel.