% Share - Enhancements - Display, Others and Criteria features


A user requested today that they want to see products which have a top n% and show the others as a % total. Currently when we use the % share and others together we have this:
As you can see, row one (which was 70%) is now showing 100% (understand as its one row, so it would naturally show 100%), but if in Percentage share format, the user was expecting 70% and the “others” column to be 30% not the actual value, this is what we were expecting:
Can % share please have the ability to show the percentage in “others” instead of the value?

In addition, the end user also wanted in a separate column to see the value, So Ideally the grid wanted to appear as below (I cannot see how this can be achieved in custom mode or database design either as its dynamic based on dimension selection):
Note: For clarity, Column1 is percentage share, Column2 is actual sales value in $

Finally, the absence of criteria to apply to % share. If I wanted to filter on anything above 65%, this is not possible either, as below there is no % share option in the format of the advanced search.

Please can the above be introduced? If there are any workarounds I would appreciate them.

Thanks Jon

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  1. I presume the issue with the percentage against “Others” is that it’s technically not part of the grid and so not part of the Share Calc.

One way Phocas might fix this is an Option tick to include/exclude “Others” in the Share Calc.

  1. An alternate option which also has other benefits is to allow you to group lines and assign an alias. I’ve had systems in the past that allowed this. Basically pick a few customers and call them Group A, pick another set and call them Others etc. That could aggregate the entries into one line but as it would still live in the grid it would be part of the calc.