PUG.training UK 2020-2021

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PUG.training, our customer online training series is back in July 2020. The first series, Phocas products, will include sessions on the following dates all held at 2pm British local time: Phocas Financial Statements (23rd July), Rebates (13th August) and CRM + CRM analysis (17th September).
We look forward to seeing you there!

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You can also view full details of the 12-month line up of PUG.training UK available to you here.

Phocas products
Financial Statements - 23rd July 2020
Rebates - 13th August 2020
CRM + CRM analysis - 17th September 2020

Back to basics
Phocas 101 - 22nd October 2020
Phocas extras - 19th November 2020
Dashboards - 17th December 2020

Next level
Phocas advanced - 21st January 2021
Custom mode + advanced search - 18th February 2021
KPI reporting - 18th March 2021

Administration 101 - 22nd April 2021
New functionality - 20th May 2021
Budget builder - 17th June 2021

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Don’t miss your chance to see the new Phocas Financial Statements product live in action, at 2pm BST today. Register now.

Join solutions consultant, Pete Bushell to find out how Phocas Financial Statements lets you analyse profit and loss (P&L), balance sheet, and cash flow directly in Phocas.

Don’t miss Phocas Rebates training live in action on Thursday 13th August at 2pm BST. Sign up now.

Join major accounts consultant, Matt Harwood to find out how the Rebates solution allows you to quickly calculate your payable or receivable rebates and commission based on your Phocas data.

Don’t miss Phocas CRM training live in action on Thursday 17th September at 2pm BST. Sign up now .

Join customer success consultant, Sarah Smith to find out how to analyse activity data regardless of your CRM.