Question about sleeping builds in 8.0.4

I’ve got a question about the new “sleep” option for database builds in the 8.0.4 release. I understand how this works in regards to scheduled builds. My question is how this affects builds scheduled “On sync”. If a database is set to rebuild on sync, and I have a sleep window set, will the database build during this sleep window?

I’m hoping this will finally be a solution for when I’m making changes to my sync during the day, and it automatically kicking off hours worth of database rebuilds. I’d like to set the sleep window during the day to prevent rebuilding while I’m making changes to my syncs.

(I know, I could test, just not in a position to at the moment…)

Hi @aaron.roma,
If you have schedule “On Sync”, and sleep between 12-1pm for example, and you run a sync session between that period, (eg: 12:30pm), it won’t kick the database build. The sleep option is explicitly setting which period of time to exclude any build activity.
Hope that helps!

Perfect! That is what I was hoping for, and this feature will save me a lot of headaches!