How often are you Sync'ing?

Our sync takes 24 minutes to run, and runs once daily at 3AM local time. Is anybody else running Sync more often than that, and has it caused any disruption to the point-of-sale systems in the stores, even just lag/slowdown? Our PowerBI updates every 75 minutes, but only sales tables. Execs/owners are used to tracking daily sales numbers in PowerBI and are used to the 75 minute update window. Can I get away with that in Sync with no disruption to the point-of-sale?

We update every 2 hours. The only issues we ran into were users that were in the middle of designing reports would get the “this database has been updated” and would sometimes lose what they were working on as they needed to refresh the page. Also if you submit a rebuild of a database manually while the sync is running there is a bug where the database can get stuck in “sync pending” status and you need support to clear it.

We have a sync running
every 15 mins - Sales and dispatches
every hour - quotes, activities
and a daily one to update everything else

Doesn’t seem to be any disruption have had a couple of sync failures on the 15 min ones where they conflict with the hourly update but changed when the sync ran and all fine now