Sync Tool - Parallel loads to speed up upload

Looking at the Sync tool, it progresses one at a time through the load. Take for example this sync:

-SQL A (takes 5 minutes to complete)
-SQL B (takes 2 minutes to complete)
-SQL C (takes 1 minute to complete)

In the current structure of the Sync tool it will do SQL A, then SQL B, then SQL C. Basically one at a time which would be 8 minutes in total execution time. Can the sync tool be adjusted to support multiple parallel activities? So in the above example if it could do just two operations at once the time would be a maximum of 5 minutes.

The above is an overly simplified example, in some of my Syncs it takes 30 minutes, by using this approach we could reduce the time to deploy down to 5 minutes. This would be very advantageous.

This would ultimately speed up end user DB availability after build.