Moving Data Item to a different SYNC file?


I have a question for the group pertaining to SYNC. How would I go about moving a data item to a different SYNC file? Would I have to create a new Data Item under the other SYNC file?

Example…I have 2 sync files called (Base, Today) and my Inventory data item is currently listed under the Base sync file (the data is synced daily at 0500). If I want to move my Inventory data item to the Today sync file (data is synced every 30 mins), do I need to create a new Data Item under the Today sync file? Do I uncheck “enabled” under the Base sync file?


I’m relatively new to this system but I have had to do this and that is the way I did it. I copied the sync entry information from one to the other then deactivated the original one so my data would refresh more frequently in the new sync file. Not sure if it’s the best way but it’s how I did it.

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From my experience, in order to run 2 parallel syncs like this, I had to set up on 2 different servers. I ran into several issues on the data load when attempting two parallel syncs with different sync times on the same server.

The actual timing of our sync processes are managed by Windows Task Scheduler. So the bulk of our data is sync’d overnight on one server, while the second server is running the sync throughout the day.

With that said, it certainly may be possible to run parallel syncs on the same server, and would be interested to hear more if you have been successful in doing so.

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Hi Justin - I run several sync programs on the same server, but they run on different intervals. My primary runs nightly, and like @dvic, it’s triggered by a windows scheduler. I also have a separate nightly sync for just financial data from the GL and others that are ran manually on demand. Several of the files are in multiple syncs, but because they run at different times, I don’t run into issues like file locks.

A couple things to consider - how often is the inventory data file updated, and how often does your database with the inventory file build? If your database builds once per day, moving to a sync scheduled every 30 min will not do you any benefit. Similarly, syncing every 30 mins on an inventory file that’s updated once per day will not help either.

With that said, unchecking the ‘Enable’ box will stop the file from being sync’d in your Base sync. You can also simply delete it from Base.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mike - Thank you for the very helpful information. I also run several sync programs on the same server, but at different intervals. In my situation, unchecking the “Enable” box answers my original question. Thanks

An observation regarding deletion vs. disabling of Sync Items I find relevant to keep in mind:
Disabling it will keep the Item in the Source, where as deleting it will delete it from the Source.
So be careful when having multiple Sync files sync’ing data into the same Source.