Moving Data Item to a different SYNC file?


I have a question for the group pertaining to SYNC. How would I go about moving a data item to a different SYNC file? Would I have to create a new Data Item under the other SYNC file?

Example…I have 2 sync files called (Base, Today) and my Inventory data item is currently listed under the Base sync file (the data is synced daily at 0500). If I want to move my Inventory data item to the Today sync file (data is synced every 30 mins), do I need to create a new Data Item under the Today sync file? Do I uncheck “enabled” under the Base sync file?


I’m relatively new to this system but I have had to do this and that is the way I did it. I copied the sync entry information from one to the other then deactivated the original one so my data would refresh more frequently in the new sync file. Not sure if it’s the best way but it’s how I did it.

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