Move Sync to new server

I know I’ll probably need to contact support on this, but thought I’d ask here first. Does anyone know if its possible to move an existing Sync (with all it’s sync sources) to a new server? Anyone done this before?

Obviously I could setup Sync on a new server, and recreate all the sources on the new server, then go into designer and manually replace the exciting sources with the new ones, but this would be a bit involved. Looking for a shortcut.

Yes, you can move the existng Sync file.
If your Phocas website address change, you will need to update the address in the Sync file.
If your Phocas website address does not change, it will sync to the same location and there shouldn’t be a need to remap the source in designer.

It should be easy. Simply install Sync on the new server and copy the .sync file across.
However, it does depend on how the sources were set up.
If you use OLEDB connections, then there should not be any connection information to change. If you use ODBC, then those sources will have to be set up on the new server.
The queries in the sync file should not hard-code any connection information, so they should not have to change at all.

My main concern was if I copied the files over to a new server, it would be seen as a new source, but it sounds like that’s not the case, so I should be good. I’ll setup a test sync source and then move it, just to be sure.