Sync - Sync only items in use Issue

Hi All,

Something I have just spotted as my client is in the year end cycle. I noticed that the sync feeds for Fiscal Year and fiscal period have not been syncing for some time. However they are used in the Period types. It appears that the sync on only used is looking at the databases only and not ancillary feeds that are used for date periods.

Thankfully I spotted this prior to year end, but this needs to be reviewed and fixed. Below is the details:

Sync feed:

Period Types:

Notice that the MAX date is 2020-08-31, however the script is actually going to 2022-08-31.

This means the sync feed is being ignored as it is not considered in use, but in actual fact is within Period types.

Please can this be rectified as I am sure others will potentially fall into this bug at their year ends.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we have replicated the issue and logged to be fixed, although I can’t give you a timeframe yet.



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