Sync Feed Dependancies



During our consolidation phase (merging old BI systems to Phocas), we come across similar feeds and we are making a single feed to remove the others. My request is, it would be very useful to see which feeds are in use on Phocas versus feeds that are no longer required.

The Sync tool now has this feature to only upload what feeds are being used. However, it would very useful so see this in Phocas so we can address these sync files by visibly showing us that they are not in use, we can then remove/correct on the sync tool.

It would be great to see this in the sync sources screen when looking at each feed. I currently do not see this and believe this would be a valuable addition for us developers.




Thanks @JonKemp. I’ve logged your suggestion. We are seeing redundant sync items hanging around in organisations which can be confusing for users. I think a visual indication on the sync items tables would be a great way to know which sync items can be removed.