Favorite Not Refreshing

Anyone else have an issue with a favorite that doesn’t appear to be refreshing? I’ve got a particular dashboard that doesn’t appear to be refreshing. The date range for the dashboard is Rolling 12 Months. When you first go into the dashboard, the values are not correct. You can change to different dimensions, change the mode, change the stream, and the values remain incorrect. If you change to a different period, then change back to Rolling 12, the values are correct. I’ve spot checked a couple of other favorites, but they seem to be OK. So far it’s only been this one favorite. Just curious if anyone else has come across this odd behavior.

What happens when you hit control + F5 to reload your browser cache?

It still has the out of date data. It’s not in the browser cache… the issue has to be with the favorite itself, as you can see it on multiple machines. Someone else noticed originally, and brought to my attention. I then duplicated / verified the issue on my machine.

What about the dimension in the Designer? I’ve noticed sometimes if a dimension is mapped to more than one data source that our data shows some miss-match data. Almost like it’s competing to decide which data source to pull the data from.

Doesn’t matter on the dimension. I can pick any dimension (they all only have 1 source) or no dimension, any stream, any mode. The data remains “stale”, until I change to a different time period, then change back.