User not authorised on favorite


I have a view only user. I’m trying to share a favorite with this user. The favorite shows up for the user, but when he tries to view it, he only gets a “You are not authorized. #63538” error. This favorite is a transaction mode listing. If I change the favorite to a summary graph, the user see the correct count under his alerts, but clicking on the alert again gives the above error.

If I add the favorite to a dashboard, the user sees the detail on the dashboard, so it doesn’t appear to be a permissions issue.

I cannot figure out what I am missing in getting this user to view this favorite.


After a bit more testing, it appears that it’s the transaction mode which is causing the issue. As soon as I change the favorite to Transaction Mode, the “viewer” user gets the “You are not authorized” error. Interesting though that the user can see the transaction mode detail when it is saved to a favorite. The user just cannot view the favorite directly. I my question now is if this behavior is intentional.