Remove Unsubscribe Option

We’re getting users accidentally unsubscribing from emailed dashboards and then complaining they’ve stopped receiving emails. Is there a way to not have the unsubscribe option in the email ?

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Happeniing about one a month and I have to go back and add the user

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Hi @Michael.Hornsby ,

I am not sure Phocas would provide this level of control any time soon with the other developments going on, I could be wrong, but as a workaround…

As an alternative, could you not setup the subscription to go to yourself and then set an email rule to distribute the results upon you obtaining the email yourself? That way the link wouldn’t matter as they would need to be you to unsubscribe. You could then extend the email rule to delete the item from your inbox once its been distributed. So you don’t feel it, but it get to where it needs to go.

Its a workaround but could be helpful?


I’ve had this challenge for some time. I have a favorite that is distributed to everyone in the company. To do this, I have a user that has the company distribution list as it’s email. It works, but periodically the subscription is removed. All it takes is one user to click the unsubscribe to kill it for all. I’ve tried the auto forward route and that still doesn’t suppress or prevent a user from unsubscribing and killing the subscription for all.

I’ve been asking Phocas to grant admins the ability to disable the unsubscribe feature for specific subscriptions several years. If someone is being subscribed to content, there is a reason.

The only solution I have is to look each day to see if I’ve received the subscribed favorite.

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