Replacing a Database

We have created a new ver of a database, and would like to replace the old one in every dashboard / favorate. Is the a process to do this? Or is it as easy as taking the original database, and getting it to match the changes we did on the new version?

I’ve never tried to do this, but it does seem to me like your latter option would be better. That is, I would probably just update the original database to incorporate the new changes into the DB Design, unless that would cause problems with other Favorites/Dashboards. Though I guess it depends on whether you’re going to have to go into every Favorite/Dashboard widget anyway to update measures and such, because if so then just using the new database that’s already built is probably less work.

After thinking about it, that is what I did. I updated/modified the original design to match my test clone, and everything worked. All dashboards and favorites updated and matched my test data.

Now that I think back, not sure why I was hesitant.

Thank you


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@lairdl probably because we’re always told to “be very careful” when modifying existing databases. Rightfully so, as I’ve broken my fair share of them in the past while experimenting :grinning: