Reporting when a property changes


Here’s a new one I’m trying to figure something out on. I’ve got an Inventory database. This database is updated daily, but it’s also setup for monthly snapshots. In this database, I’ve got a Status property setup. Examples of the Status property would be “Stock”, “Order As Needed”, “Do Not Reorder”, etc.

Using these monthly snapshots, I’d like to create a report that would show items whos status has changed from “Stock” last month to a different status this month.

Any thoughts?


Hello @aaron.roma - if you have Status as a Dimension, you could create that logic in custom mode that would allow you to compare the historical period to the current and look for items that were stock previously.


@tom.falter Thanks for your response. I do have status as a dimension. (I misspoke earlier, saying it was a property.) What I’m failing at, is how to create the logic to compare the value of the dimension. In custom mode, I understand how to select the historical periods, but it seems as if everything is centered around working with measures, as opposed to dimensions. Any hints you could give me would be much appreciated.


@aaron.roma you can use custom mode to create a favorite that compares two different periods. If you have historical period (A) compared to current period (B) you can look for items = X in period A that are not = to X in period B.
Y = x(A) not equal to x(B). If x(A) = Stock, and x(B) = any other status.