Nested Properties

We are trying to use nested columns to create report which shows inventory by part and can expanded to show qty in individual warehouses.
The nested columns will roll-up meaurse such as Qty On Hand, but we also need to show properties such as Last Receipt. Properties can only be included for the item, which in this case would be the warehouse.

We can build a key to use as a dimension which would be in the format ‘Part-Warehouse’, but that would not be practical because the code can not be suppressed and that would not work for us.

We have deselected the code many times in non-nested mode to show key properties without the underlying key. Can we please have this feature in nested mode?

Hi @scottmunroe ,

This unfortunaltey has been a long standing gripe of mine. The only means of mitigation will be to create a deddicated dimension, My DB has swollen in size due to this limiting factor (I have many example of where the “Code” is something I need to remove). Here is the original post I made back in 2019: