Hiding 'Code' Property in a Nested Grid

We have reports that we like to be able to share with customers, and for the dual purpose of keeping our segmentation identifiers private as well as keeping the report nice and trim, it would be nice to be able to hide the ‘Code’ property on a Nested Grid.

For some reason when a Nested Grid is selected, the option to uncheck the ‘Code’ Property becomes grayed out.

Does anyone know of a work-around such that I can hide the ‘Code’ property in a Nested Grid?

If not, is this something that can be considered as a product improvement?

Hi @dphelmken,
Other than creating a new dimension for example instead of sales rep code, sales rep name, there is no way of performing this at the moment. I have raised this already here: Nesting mode - removal of code.

If it is the same issue please can you like the post so it gains more traction with the Phocas development team.